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Tax planning is an important part of the income tax preparation process and Dave can help you make a plan designed to minimize your current and future tax liabilities. Dave’s experience with tax regulations insures continuing oversight of your personal business plan.


Individual tax return preparation is accurate and efficient with Dave’s use of current income tax preparation software and related services. As a Registered Tax Return Preparer, Dave is continuously updating his knowledge of new tax laws and legislation and must maintain a strict level of professional development. This up-to-date knowledge and expertise required to be a Registered Tax Return Preparer means that your income tax return preparation is done correctly and professionally the first time -- every time.


A powerful client advocate, Dave can provide IRS letter assistance. He knows that tax time is often stressful for people with complicated, past due or unresolved tax issues. As a Registered Tax Return Preparer, Dave can help you organize your tax information, coordinate materials required by the IRS, and put you back on schedule with tax payments. Dave’s income tax preparation experience in dealing with various taxing authorities enables him to properly represent clients before federal/state tax agencies and provide reassuring IRS letter assistance.

Ziegler ATS offers tax service for UBER Drivers and understands UBER Drivers' complex tax returns,reporting of Form 1099-K, and the allowable deductions for UBER Drivers.


Tax returns are prepared on a “Per Form” Rate which means you are only charged for the forms needed to accurately submit your individual tax return. Having your tax returns prepared by a Registered Tax Return Preparer on an ongoing basis helps to insure continuity and accuracy.

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